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Our Mission and Vision

Colorado IPL embraces being “all in” on the Paris Agreement, transitioning by 2020 to limit global warming to “well below 2C” (by which we mean no more than 1.5 C). We believe that communities of faith need to lead the climate response, just as they led the Civil Rights movement.

In 2017, National IPL founder Rev. Sally Bingham announced a set of priority areas as part of a co-authored paper with Christiana Figueres in the scientific journal, Nature.  COIPL supports these necessary shifts as Colorado goals:

  1. Decarbonize electricity by 2020, with a focus on our local electricity systems.
  2. Fully decarbonize cities and states by 2050.
  3. Implement a preference for EVs in new purchases by 2020 (ultimate phase out of gas/diesel vehicles).
  4. Assure equity so that all sectors of society make these transitions on the same schedule, subsidizing the energy poor in order to achieve the common good of addressing climate change.

We continue to work on appropriate ways to measure our progress.  In 2017, COIPL helped lead a public conversation that convinced Xcel, the PUC, and the state to increase the percentage of clean energy in Xcel’s Colorado portfolio from 30% to 55% by 2025.

We will continue to work toward these ambitious goals, welcoming others who are ready to work with us on the just transitions our state urgently needs to defend against global warming.

Colorado IPL is powered by YOU, the IPL board, and our networks.  Together we work to accomplish the above goals, minister to and collaborate with others to midwife a regenerative, life-giving world where all can thrive.  Together, our hands and hearts can help bring forth a new, more just and life-giving ecology, economy and energy for Colorado.  Won’t you join us as we gather to energize Colorado’s diverse faith communities in this shared work, caring for all creation?

Accelerating the Transition to the Post Fossil Fuel World Where All Can Thrive

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