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Electric vehicles are affordable in Colorado!

About a third of our country’s emissions come from transportation, so whether you are carpooling or taking public transit, walking or biking more often, limiting the number of flights you take a year or considering purchase of an electric car, our collective decisions make a difference. Colorado is expanding support for zero-emission vehicles and congregations can help by making driving electric easier for your members, neighbors and wider community.

Electric Vehicles are cheaper to operate than gas burning cars, cost less to maintain  and if run on renewable electricity sources, are carbon neutral. To help congregations in Colorado cut pollution from transportation we are happy to share the below resources. If you have any stories of driving an EV and/or installing EV Charging Stations at your congregation, please contact

There was great attendance and lively discussion in the January 23 EV Webinar hosted by CIPL. Topics covered included: the religious and social reasons for driving an EV, affordability, rebates, and California’s leadership in EV growth.

Below are helpful resources that came out of the webinar and that will help you on your journey to pollution-free driving:

**YouTube link to January 23 webinar
**Keynote slides from the presentation
**Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association
** EV Guide for Congregations, written by Dale Miller, President of GGEVA
**Rebates for Electric Vehicles
**List of EV’s currently available
**Map of Charging Stations – from Plugshare and Tesla
**Info about and petition for all EVs (this is a California petition) by 2040
**Latest report on growth of Zero Emission Vehicles in California

The Alternative Fuels Data Center has a great overview of many types of rebates and incentives encompassing EVs.

Sample EV Guide for Congregations in CA: In Dale Miller’s guide, you will see the growing list of congregations throughout the Golden State who are installing charging stations and encouraging their members to be mindful of their carbon footprint when making decisions about how to get around. Click here to download the guide.

Thanks for all the ways you and your faith community are charging ahead with climate solutions from your rooftops to your parking lots.

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