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Essays on energy ethics from diverse faith traditions

Light for a New Day We’re pleased to share this new, unique collection of essays on energy ethics from diverse faith traditions.

Table of Contents and Introductory Essay

Complete Booklet of Essays

A Welcome from the series editor – Dr. Erin Lothes Biviano (Catholic Theologian and member of the NY/NJ Global Catholic Climate Movement)

Dear Friends,

Energy decisions are ethical decisions!  The energy policies that structure our societies profoundly impact all other persons and living communities, through the globalized web of relationships that is the modern world.  These issues are not solely technological, economic, or political.  They are inescapably moral.

This collection brings together the voices of faith leaders from the world’s major religious traditions.  In these essays, their traditional values, ancient wisdom, particular moral teachings, and spiritual insights are brought to bear on the critical question of energy ethics.  How we must transform our social and economic structures to avoid the devastation of climate change and to create fair access to clean, sustainable energy available for all persons?  What values in our shared humanity can inspire every person’s conversion to new ways of life, and commitment to radical action?

At COP 22 in Marrakech, world leaders gathered to celebrate the entering into force of the Paris Agreement.  The world is moving into a new horizon, turning to the era of renewable energy.  Our rapid global transition to clean and sustainable energy for all is a moral imperative, as attested by the hundreds of signatories to the COP 22 Interfaith Climate Statement.

In diverse, context-specific, faith-based ways, these authors point toward this new horizon.  I hope you enjoy them.

Light for a New Day: Faith and Energy Ethics
Erin Lothes Biviano, Ph.D., United States Catholic theologian

Creational Solidarity Strengthens the Weakest Link: Energy Ethics and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
Fr. Edward Osang Obi, Ph,D, MSP, Nigerian Catholic Ethicist

Awakening our Energy: A Buddhist Perspective
David R. Loy, Ph.D., United States Buddhist scholar and Zen teacher

Sa-Moana Theology: A ‘Way of Doing Things’ Empowered by Faith for Humanity and Ecology
Pausa Kaio Thompson, Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa clergy and environmental advocate

Pentecostalism, Latin America and Eco-theology: A Spirit-Baptized Encounter
Luis Aránguiz Kahn, Chilean Pentecostal scholar
Commentary – Ecological Awareness:  A Pentecostal Energy Analysis
Oscar Corvalan-Vasquez, Ph.D. Pentecostal Church of Chile, Secretary of the Pentecostal Latin American Forum

Jewish Perspectives Toward a Wiser and More Ethical Use of Energy
Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Israeli Orthodox Jewish rabbi and Daniel Weber, Ph.D., American Orthodox Jewish scientist

A Tewa Woman’s Reflection on Urgency
Beata Tsosie-Pena, Native American

“Indeed the World is Green and Sweet; Walk Softly on the Earth”: Towards an Islamic Energy Ethic and Praxis
Saffet Abid Catovic, United States Muslim Environmental Leader

The Wind Flows from the South: Intrinsic Values of Mexican Indigenous Communities: A Bottom-up Solution for Climate Change
Paulette Laurent Caire, Mexican environmental educator and clean energy developer

What do Hindu Ethical Foundations Teach Us about Energy Policy? A New Ecological Interpretation of Ahimsa and Asteya
Mat McDermott, Director of Communications for the Hindu American Foundation

God’s First Commandment: To Be Earthkeepers
Ncumisa Ukeweva Magadla, South African Anglican environmentalist

Rev. Hidehito Okochi, Chief Priest of Juko-in Temple and Kenju-in Temple, Tokyo, with Jonathan S. Watts, Executive Committee member of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists

Towards an Ecumenical and Ecological Spirituality: The Faith in a More Biblical Understanding of Salvation that Calls Us to Concrete Actions
Claudio de Oliveira Ribeiro, Ph.D., Brazilian Methodist pastor and theologian

Dharma of Sustainability, Sustainability of Dharma: A Hindu Energy Ethics
Pankaj Jain, Ph.D., Hindu Scholar of Philosophy, Religion and Anthropology

Climate Change and the Energy-Water-Food Nexus:  (Afro)Faith Responses to the Ethical Imperatives
Teresia M. Hinga, PhD., Kenyan Catholic Theologian

A Melting Arctic is a Melting Future:  Hope from Spiritual Traditions
Rev. Henrik Grape, World Council of Churches/Church of Sweden Climate Coordinator

COP22 Interfaith Climate Statement

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