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“We’re all in” with the Paris Agreement

Despite the strong support of a majority of Americans and major U.S. corporations, the Trump administration seems to be determined to back out of the Paris climate accord.  Official withdrawal by the U.S. would be a stunning, unprecedented blow to a historic global agreement. Having the world’s richest country and second largest polluter renege, just as efforts to combat global warming were getting underway, could undermine the whole deal and the commitment of other nations.

Let’s show the world that no matter what the White House says: we’re still in. We can do our part. We, communities of faith and individuals of conscience, will do our part. We will reduce emissions, move to clean energy where we can, and continue to advocate for a sustainable future.

Sign the Pledge to let your elected officials, the UN, and the world know that you are one of the many people of faith who have taken action to care for the earth.  Let them you  you are taking the Paris Pledge seriously and expect them to keep America’s promise to the world and keep us in the Paris Agreement.

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