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Energy audits for facilities

Per capita, per hour of use, houses of worship are often among the biggest wasters of energy, and the United States has more houses of worship than any other country!

Many congregations recognize the moral imperative for stewardship, but don’t always stand on the moral “high ground” when it comes to actual energy usage. We need to become better stewards and, in the process, encourage and inspire our congregants to do better at home, school, and work.

Growing Church Sings Praises of Energy Efficiency Consulting

Improving efficiency of extension and current building.  Call 1.855.839.8862 or

Feeling the warmth of fellowship is important for any place of worship. And it is especially important for a growing church that must balance the demand for more space, user comfort and long-term energy expenses.

In any non-profit organization, every dollar matters. And when the Building Committee at Bethlehem Lutheran Church decided to add on to their 1960s structure to answer to a growing membership, they knew they needed to take on a long-term approach for their planning. And that meant considering the energy efficiency of the extension and current building. So they reached out for Energy Efficiency Consulting.

First steps revealed plenty of opportunities

To start, the church received an ASHRAE Level 1 Assessment as part of Xcel Energy’s Turn Key Services. The audit includes:

  • Assessment of building energy systems
  • Building energy benchmarks to establish and measure against other similar structures
  • High-level definition of energy system optimization opportunities
  • Outline of applicable incentive programs

This renovation had extra help

The assessment of the church and planned expansion revealed a wide variety of energy-saving opportunities. Because of the high level of involvement from Xcel Energy’s Turn Key implementation specialist, the church felt confident in having this person handle the contractors and paperwork required for rebates. This helped save time and hassles for the church. So this relationship went well beyond energy efficiency consulting to more of a “get it done” partnership.

So what got done?

A variety of items were involved with this project including upgrades to cooling equipment, motors, variable frequency drives, dishwashers, and vending machine controls. Plus, lighting efficiency improvements that are near completion are expected to provide the church with additional savings.

The results by the numbers


Xcel Energy Rebates:   $8,375

Turn Key Bonus Rebates:   $2,040

Total Rebate:   $10,415

Estimated Annual Electric Cost Savings:   $2,721

Kilowatt Hours Saved:   22,195

Why Turn Key Services?

As Marcia Nagel,Building committee member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church stated, “Xcel Energy thought of everything and we took them up on nearly all the recommendations — and are now glad we did. This is a great program for businesses looking to save money.”

Read the Case Study about Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Lean more about Turn Key Services

Apply through the forms below:

Tune-Up program, your business or organization (buildings 5-50K s.f.) can:

  • Save as much as 15% on your energy bills.
  • Achieve comfortable and convenient energy efficiency for your organization and/or tenants.
  • Increase equipment life and reduce wear and tear.
  • Receive independent, objective and expert direction on energy saving options.
  • Be eligible for rebates on the changes you make.

Step 1 – Diagnosis (onsite audit). The onsite audit includes:

  • An assessment of operating mechanical systems.
  • A quick fix of low- and no-cost measures.
  • A written report that includes energy-saving recommendations.

Step 2 – Implementation

  • You choose which additional measures to implement.
  • Earn electric and/or natural gas rebates that cover up to 60% of the cost of making the updates you need.

Examples of typical updates include:

  • Calibration/tune-up of Energy Management System points.
  • Adjustment of outside air and return dampers.
  • Resetting the chilled water and hot water supply temperatures.
  • Optimizing start/stop of air handlers and makeup air units (early shutdown in the evening, late start in the morning).
  • Resetting of a chiller’s condenser water temperature.
  • Eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling.


To qualify, you must:

  • Be an Xcel Energy retail business customer served both electricity and natural gas or electricity only within our service area in Colorado or New Mexico.
  • Have a building of 5,000-50,000 square feet.


Xcel Energy’s Building Tune-Up program covers both recommissioning and retrocommissioning:

Recommissioning: Commissioning a building that has already been commissioned in the past.

Retrocommissioning: Commissioning a building that has never been commissioned.

Helpful Materials

Building Tune-Up Application Form (PDF)
Building Tune-Up Information Sheet (PDF)
Building Tune-Up Sample Report (PDF)
Business Program Summary (PDF)

Home Energy Squad

Does your home have leaky doors, an old thermostat and/or inefficient incandescent light bulbs? The Home Energy Squad can fix these in one visit—quickly, efficiently and affordably.

For just $75, the Home Energy Squad will come to your home and make it more efficient for you. They’ll do things like swap out traditional bulbs for LEDs, install a programmable thermostat, weather-strip a drafty door and install energy-efficient showerheads and aerators. Installation, labor, and materials are free – a $200 value!

A Home Energy Squad visit is also ideal for homeowners who have recently moved, or completed a Home Energy Audit and need someone to implement some of the recommended energy-saving measures.

How it Works

  1. Schedule an appointment onlineor by calling (303) 446-7910. You may also submit your information and we will call you to schedule an appointment.

Sign up online

  1. The Home Energy Squad will quickly assess your home’s efficiency needs and make the energy-saving installations for you – all in a two-hour visit. The result is a more efficient, more comfortable home…and savings on your energy bill.

Note: The Home Energy Squad does not conduct Home Energy Audits. Please visit the Xcel Home Energy Audit page to learn more about that offering.

What’s Included

  • ENERGY STAR®- qualified LED bulbs
  • A programmable thermostat
  • Weather stripping for one external door
  • High-efficiency showerheads
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
  • Water heater insulation

You may buy additional items if you choose. Items available for purchase include:

  • A second programmable thermostat
  • Weather stripping for additional external doors


To qualify, you must be a residential combination electric and natural gas, or residential electric-only customer of Xcel Energy.

Renters are eligible too! Your home must have its own electric/gas utility account, and must be a detached single-family home or part of a building with four or fewer units. Prior approval from the property owner/landlord is required.

Other restrictions may apply.

Depending on the availability of our Home Energy Squad crews, please allow up to 10 days to schedule your visit. For locations outside the Denver metro area, inclement weather may limit availability during winter months.

The Home Energy Squad is a partnership between Xcel Energy and CLEAResult.