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Creation Care Conference Registration Page

How to Register:             GREAT NEWS:  NOT TOO LATE, WALK-INS WELCOME!

First, look at the workshop descriptions and select your 1st and 2nd choice workshops for each of the workshop sessions.  Then you are ready to register!  We suggest  you make note of your workshop selections by printing the first part of the registration screen before you hit “Continue to Payment” button.  If you are attending only Saturday or only Sunday, select “none” for workshop and lunch selections that you will miss.    SPECIAL NOTE FOR THOSE WANTING KOSHER LUNCH ON SUNDAY:  It’s been pointed to us that East Side Kosher Deli kitchen will be closed on Sunday.  We will provide a pre-made frozen kosher meal if requested at registration time.


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE, PAY BY CHECK AT CONFERENCE.  (Pick Pay at Conference for payment option).

If you are unable to register online, you can call our office to register by phone, with payment at conference.  

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions:

Workshop Selection:  Indicate your 1st and 2nd choices for workshops from the drop down box.  Before you hit the “continue” button, print the page showing your workshop selections.  You will receive a confirmation of your registration but it does not continue your selections.  When you check in at the conference, you will be given a reminder list of your selections.   Can you change your workshop choice at the conference?  Yes, if there is adequate seating space left after attendees registered for the workshop are seated.

Attending only on Saturday night or only on Sunday?   When you register, for workshops you will NOT be attending, select “None (not attending)”  in the drop down menus; for Saturday night only folks, indicate “none, attending only Sat. night”  for the Sunday lunch selection.  Yes, we know this is clumsy! We’re sorry!  We hope to figure out a better way in the future.

Registering more than one person at a single time? Please register each person separately to record workshop selections for each.

Using discount for more than 3 from a single congregations?  Your congregation name in the your registration, then select “Discount for 3 or more, same congregation.”  Honor system at work!   Please make sure 3 or more are really coming!

Registering at a volunteer (free)?  Please plan on helping out with volunteer tasks for about 3 hours throughout the conference.  This may involve coming early or staying late.  You should still be able to attend session more of the time.  When our volunteer needs are met, this registration option will not longer be available, so if you want to save money by helping us out, register early.

Receiving a free registration as part of a sponsor package?   We still want you to register so you can select workshops to attend.  Please indicate sponsor name on the registration form.  Check with the sponsoring organization if you want to use this option.

Questions or concerns about registration?  Call us at 303 429 5792.

What if the weather causes a cancellation?  We are all hearty Colorado travellers.  A bit of snow, no problem!  A blizzard?  We value your safety!  If we need to cancel due to weather,  you will be notified by phone or email and we will post the cancellation on our website.   Reschedule or refunds?  We’ll cross that bridge if we need to.