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FREE Tours of Net Zero or near Net Zero buildings

Steve Stevens' House in Golden

For conference participants only!  Sign up with take place at the conference.  Limited slots available!

So what’s the big deal about these buildings? The energy consumed by our buildings is a major source of greenhouses gasses producing climate change. These buildings use emission-free energy (primarily solar photovoltaic electricity).  That means these buildings aren’t part of the problem, they’re part of the solution!

Two homeowners have offered free tours. Many of the things they did to hit super-high efficiency are things that we can do too!  Steve Stevens has gone through many phases of efficiency improvement in his Golden home and John Avenson’s home in Westminster is the “cat’s meow” in solar and a wide variety of other enhancements.

Getting to tour the Research Support Facility on the campus of the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is a big treat!  We’ve made special arrangements with members of a faith-based group of people who work at NREL to arrange for and conduct the tour.  PLEASE NOTE: The NREL tour is restricted to US citizens; the other building are not.

You can sign up to tour any (or all!) of these building only at the conference. The tours will take place at a later time (probably Earth Day weekend) and may not be on the same day. Tour sizes are limited, so get your name on the sign up lists as soon as you get to the conference!  After the conference, we will be unable to add more names to the list.