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Peace Forest–a 10/10/10 Global Climate Work Day Event

This event is over.  Look forward to additional Peace Forest plantings in 2012 and beyond.

Wow–what an event!  Over 100 people turned out in the chill and drizzle to plant 105 trees and shrubs for the environment and for peace!

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Tell your friends, spread the word!  Click for Peace Forest Flyer PDF format to print and post, share with friends, or a 1/2 sheet  Plant a Peace Forest–Bulletin Insert for your congregation.

The Peace Forest is a project undertaken by the members of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) that invites people of all faiths to foster community and heal the earth in a world facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges.

The Peace Forest, an initiative of  BridgeWorks,  hosted by the Colorado Interfaith Power & Light, and sponsored by the Abrahamic Initiative, is a hands-on tree-planting project that will take place in Denver on 10/10/10 to coincide with the International Day of Climate Action sponsored by

Together, we will plant 100 shrubs and saplings along the Sand Creek Regional Greenway to mitigate climate change, purify the air, protect the soil, beautify an industrial neighborhood and transform our future. This stretch of greenway will be a living, growing symbol of our common religious values of stewardship of the creation, as well as our cooperative ability to restore the earth. We rejoice in this profound opportunity to work and grow together.  Please join us!

Detailed schedule:  1:00 pm, check in & refreshments; 1:30, religious blessings of the trees; 2-4:45, planting; 4:45, closing.

For additional information, please contact Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter of BridgeWorks at (307) 320-6779 or via email at